VAMPS: evanescent

Once again.

Going to the airport to say goodbye to the only person I've felt a drop of emotional liking for in a long time. I've kept it to myself, because there was never a prayer. And it was scarce, and short, and it was probably because of those two things that it didn't get horribly fucked up in the first place.

There isn't going to be anything better than this for me, because in the end I'm alone wolf that others can tolerate for periods of time, but not forever. My main mechanism I once had for garnering any attention has long since dissolved.

So here I am. Alone again.

Wonderful world.

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VAMPS: evanescent

Selling Post | GACKT


I'm trying to flush my overlarge collection and thought maybe someone would want to give these things a good home.

All items are used, but in like-new condition unless otherwise stated. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL US.

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immunity, you scallywag. Check the userhead, ya'll.

In tribute? Yes, no? I think so.

I still wonder who has them now. One of the greatest thrills of my life: when Hyde put those fuckers on to finish up HUNTING in grand old San Fransisco.